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Poetry Review! Pillow Thoughts III – Courtney Peppernell


Hi all! Welcome to my blog and subsequently, the first review that I’ve ever posted on here. The first book that I’ve read this month was the third instalment of a poetry series. I ate it up in about an hour on Sunday morning. I picked this up in the Waterstones in Manchester Arndale Centre while me and Joe were away for the weekend. I’d read the first two and quite enjoyed them, so when I came across this one I was quite excited to read it. It is by the poet Courtney Peppernell and is named Pillow Thoughts III: Mending The Mind. Which I love, I’m all about growing and progressing after trauma and I’m big on supporting good mental health. Having suffered from mental illness for years I am so passionate about supporting others that are fighting similar battles.

The cover is Peppernell’s usual cool edgy look. The background is dark black and purple and the material is like a soft matte feel, I don’t know how to explain it but it makes the book feel nice to hold. The title and author name is bold and white and really captures the attention of readers, and then she has this illustration of an owl and a jelly fish which is really different and so cute which I really love. Overall to look at this book is lovely. If we went off of looks alone for how great a book is, this book would be a fab edition to any bookshelf. But sadly, creating a bestselling book, is not that easy. Though she manages it well enough.

Pillow Thoughts III was published by Andrews McMeel Publishing in August 2019, spanning 224 pages. It covers topics such as love, loss, relationships and mental health. So on the back the synopsis is a little like a review. I’ll insert it below so you can see…

In a voice that is inclusive and open to all, Courtney Peppernell returns with the third installment of her bestselling Pillow Thoughts series.

A beautifully raw and poignant collection of poetry and prose, Pillow Thoughts III: Mending the Mind captures what we are all thinking and feeling.

Fix yourself a warm drink and settle into Peppernell’s words as she pens a tribute to her readers who are bravely continuing their journey from hurt to healing.

I think this type of synopsis is always quite effective because it doesn’t feel like an author saying “Hey! Come buy my book it’s amazing” it gives the feeling that someone else is saying “Okay so, I read this book and it’s actually pretty good” which as a recommendation holds more weight if an outsider is telling you to read it rather than the person who wrote it. If that makes sense? But I like this approach.

When it comes to the actual writing. The first pages that you open up to after the thanks and the acknowledgments is a poem that starts with the line “Before we begin, I’d like to remind you of a story.” This poem is so beautiful and so perfect to start off this book of healing. It is a story of a Jellyfish called You. Who rebuilds the cracks and rose up from their trauma. And obviously the jellyfish is the reader, we are all You and I think it is so powerful and so beautiful. Without even reading further I knew I would adore this book just as much as I did the first two, possibly even more.

The book is split into five chapters:

  • If your mind is on someone
  • If your mind needs repairing
  • If your mind has doubts
  • If your mind needs inspiration
  • These are for your mind

I love these sections, it kind of reminds me a little of The Poetry Pharmacy by William Sieghart, different poems prescribed for different kinds of feeling. Peppernell’s poetry as always is relatable, eloquent and heart warming. I would definitely read this book again, and I would recommend it without hesitation, along with it’s previous instalments. Amazing as always!

Star Rating /5


I cant love this series and this book more.

9 comments on “Poetry Review! Pillow Thoughts III – Courtney Peppernell

  1. I have seen this book at stores around town. I haven’t grabbed it yet, but I bought another called Nocturnal by Wilder Poetry. I’ve also published my own book called All of my Every Things. Anyways, now that I’ve seen your post about Pillow Thoughts 3 I’ll put it on my TBR and To Buy List. Thanks!

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