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November Wrap Up

Can you believe that tomorrow is December? I actually cannot believe how quick this month has gone! I’m in shock. In this post I thought I’d do a quick wrap up of what I’ve read this month and what I’ve got planned for next month! Since I did a haul at the start of the month the books that I’ve read this month were mostly from that! My total count of books read this month is now up to 6!

These were:

  • Pillow Thoughts III Mending The Mind
  • The Outsider Stephen King
  • The Taking of Annie Thorne C.J. Tudor
  • Nine a Perfect Strangers Liane Moriarty
  • Days Without End Sebastian Barry
  • Storm for the Living And The Dead Charles Bukowski

I really have enjoyed the books that I’ve read this month! I don’t think I’ve picked anything up which I’ve thought “I hate this!” I did find I had to work hard to follow Days Without End just because the writing style is very different from what I’d normally read and it switches and changes a lot in what’s happening, but that aside I loved the book so much. I feel like I really went out of my comfort zone with that one. Firstly because it was a borrowed book from a colleague and secondly because of the genre, it was a historical book featured in the times of cowboys and Indians. If I am honest I really didn’t think that I’d like it but it really surprised me and I’m glad that I borrowed it.

Next month, I will be reading the last few books from my November Haul which will be The Chestnut Man, The Hunting Party and The Goldfinch which will all be reviewed on my site! I’m holding off doing another bookshop trip until after Christmas, because I know I’ll be given so many books as gifts. So I will probably use that as my December haul and wait until the new year to start buying more. I know I’ve got quite a few books from my parents which includes more Stephen King Novels, The Handmaids Tale and quite a few more so I’m looking forward to getting into those!

My reading goals for next month is to try and read more than I did this month. I know 6 books is a lot, considering the size of some of the books that I read and the fact that I only read one book at a time as well, but I want to try and beat it! I also want to set myself a yearly reading target for 2020 which I will probably share with you as well. Also, I’ll be receiving my first drop of bookish mail, full of all kinds of book related goodies which I can’t wait to share with you guys. December is going to be a fun one!

What are we all looking forward to reading next month? And what have been your favourites this month? Let me know in the comments!

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