A Bookish Gift Haul – Small Businesses Only

29th November 2019

So I thought I’d do something a little different. I follow so many small businesses/independent sellers on Instagram, that make and sell book related items and they all look amazing. So rather than buying from and plugging a big business or store I thought I’d do a little bit of a haul from these Etsy stores and also from Notonthehighstreet.com and do a little review of what I bought. I’ll link the sellers stores or instagrams where I can as well.

So the first two thing’s that I ordered were from the Etsy seller “British Book art” I follow this girl on Instagram and she seems so lovely and has a great book blog, and I saw her using one of these items and it genuinely looks so lovely that I just had to order a few bits from her store! The first thing that I ordered was the Monthly Reading Tracker and the second was the Bookshelf Tracker Bookmark that I saw on her story. My order receipt says that the packages should be with me within 1-4 business days after dispatch. It cost me a total of £7.49 for both items including shipping.

The second thing I bought was from ImBookishandBakewell and it was a little book notes notepad which I thought would be perfect for me while I’m reading a book that I’m planning on reviewing. According to my receipt my order should be with me in 2-3 working days after dispatch and it cost me £6.24 including shipping.

The third is a little bookish bracelet that looks super cute that I’m really excited to wear and it is from the seller FaithAndString. It’s a little black string bracelet (you can choose the colour of your cord) with a little book charm on it. So this cost me a steal of £4.20 including shipping and should be with me between the 7th and the 11th of December.

The last thing I ordered from Etsy is something that I’ve wanted to try for ages and I’m so excited for this to come. A few different sellers do offer this with their own little twists on it but this one is from CbDesignsandFinds. It’s called A Blind Date With a Book. So it basically works out where you pick a genre and the seller sends you out a surprise book for you to read from that genre. A lot of sellers will send you extra little gifts with the book, so this one sends you a nice drink of choice with your book to make relaxing that bit easier! There’s a few different teas to choose from and then coffee… naturally I chose coffee. This only cost me £9.50 with delivery which is probably one of the cheapest that I’ve seen and the photos look amazing. The receipt says that they will dispatch my book within 1-3 business days, so I should get it in a week or so I would guess.

I only bought one thing from notonthehighstreet.com and it was from the seller Axel and Ash. It is the “Press Pause” Mindfulness journal. I paid £23 for this journal, which gives free postage and it looks lovely and has very positive reviews. I’ve been struggling a lot with my anxiety and depression and my other half has been encouraging me to try writing about what I can’t talk about so I thought this would be a lovely little book for me to try. The expected date of delivery is unknown until the seller accepts my order but usually from this site I’ve had my orders in no more than a week and a half and I’ve always been happy with the product.

10th December

So far I’ve had 3 out of five items turn up! The first to arrive was the “Press Pause” Mindfulness journal from notonthehighstreet.com. This I ordered later than everything else and it was so quick to be delivered. It looks as featured below:

This journal is so stunning. It’s a cream cloth hardback, and the pages are of such a nice quality paper, the size of the pages are perfect too, not too small and not too big. Not only does it include your weekly pages, but it has sections to set goals, assess how you’re feeling and also reflection logs for each month as well. It’s jam packed with helpful journaling prompts and lovely motivational quotes matched with photos, I just love it. I have completed the first couple of weeks worth of pages and I’ve found for the first time, journaling to be fun and calming. I never usually know what to write about or I focus on negative things, this journal helps me stay positive while still relieving stress. I’ve felt so relaxed and my heads been a lot clearer for doing it. I’d highly recommend this to someone wanting to manage their anxiety or stress, or if someone just wants a nice outlet for their thoughts. I will be continuing to use this! I’ve added a link to the sellers page, just click the image!

The second thing that arrived was my Blind Date With a Book from CbDesignsandFinds from Etsy! This was the part of my order that I think I was most excited for. It came within the expected delivery dates and was packaged nicely as pictured on her site.

As you probably know if you read this blog usually, I am a fan of a thriller so I chose thriller for the genre for this. The book came wrapped in good quality brown paper, all tied up with a string bow with a little summary of what my surprise book was about. This read “A heart-pounding thriller about espionage from Paris to Moscow. A tale that links the globe with a terrifying twist.” It sounds like something right up my street, so as I unwrapped the package I found the book Palace of Treason by Jason Matthews, a lovely handmade bookmark and a little coffee packet. I love that they included everything you’d need for a nice relaxing evening reading, you’ve got your book mark and a drink to cosy up with. It’s perfect. I think this would make a great gift for any book worm. The book as well isn’t something that I own, which is always a great start. I have yet to read it, but after reading the synopsis and the first couple of pages it does seem like a book I will really enjoy. I will keep you updated in the future on the thoughts on the book, but overall I am really happy with my first blind date with a book experience! Again, I have linked the seller on the above picture if you fancy having a nosy through their store!

The third thing that has arrived is something that I bought with this blog in mind. I hate writing in the margins or using sticky notes to annotate what I’m reading when I’m prepping for a review. I also sometimes find it hard to recall things after I’ve finished reading when I’m putting the review together, so I thought this would be perfect for me, it is a book notes pad from Bookish and Bakewell on Etsy.

It is just a simple tear off pad, it has a pretty marble background in earthy colours and is split into helpful sections. The sections are title and author, plot notes, character notes, themes and thoughts. I feel like this pad will really help me while reviewing books for my site, I think it’d be a great little help to so many book worms and bookish individuals too. Aside from the note pad this seller also sells bookish pins, key rings and shirts. I will definitely be using my purchase a lot, if you want to treat yourself, again I have linked the seller in the accompanying photo!

12th December

Today the last of the order arrived! So the first thing was the bracelet from Faith and String on Etsy. It came on a cute little card! I’ve included an image below that is linked to the sellers page! (Just click on the image if you want to go have a nosy)

I am really happy with this bracelet. I don’t tend to like big chunky charms and things like that. This charm is so small and dainty but has lovely detail to it with the page lines etched on to it. It seems to be made of pretty decent material, it doesn’t feel cheap or delicate. The string as well is quite a durable cord that doesn’t feel like it’ll fray or break easy! For £3.00 it’s a great piece and it’s something that I’d wear every day and intend to! The store itself also sells many different charms as well as little pins too so it’s worth checking out, but these would make lovely gifts and stocking fillers. I love it!

The last thing to arrive was my monthly reading tracker and tracking book mark from British Book Art on Etsy. I was not disappointed. Again I’ve linked the photo to her store!

These little trackers come on such a lovely quality card that isn’t easy to bend. The little images are so clear and the colours are lovely. I just think these are a great idea for readers. It’s a really cute way to track what you’re reading and I think the bookmark is really personal to you! I would highly recommend these products, Abbie is a great artist and offers a range of really cool book prints on her store too! I can’t wait to start using these!

So, that is everything I got in my little December bookish gift haul. I’d like to point out that none of these items were gifted and I wasn’t asked to review or comment on these. But I thought since I am not doing a book buy due to getting a lot of books for Christmas this month, it’d be fun to share what little book/blog related goodies I’d picked up for myself instead! Also if it encourages people to support fellow bookworms businesses at the same time well that’s a bonus! I will as well do a little Christmas book blog to show you all what I’ve got given later in the month too! Thank you for reading! Drop me a comment if you enjoyed this post!

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  1. These are some great ideas. I’ll have to pick some up for people who I know in my life who have small businesses.

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