Goodbye 2019 – This Year’s Wrap up

It feels weird doing a yearly wrap up on a site I’ve only been running for a couple of months. But I am genuinely so glad, that I started blogging again, but this time for me. I have always wanted to be an author. To write for a living and celebrate the books that have brought me so much happiness. I feel like my site and my socials such as Tumblr and Instagram have really helped me do that in such a lovely community for the latter half of this year. I even started working on my novel again, I have found a new love and confidence in my ability that I think I lost for quite sometime. With some encouragement from my amazing other half and the followers of my sites, I have really grown this year and I couldn’t thank everyone responsible enough.

This year I have found so many new favourite books and authors. I have found artists that create the most beautiful book-ish art and products. I have grown comfortable in such a cultured and lovely community. So I thought this post would be a lovely way to celebrate what an amazing year this has been, to share with you some of my highlights and also my plans for next year. I would love to hear what you all have enjoyed this year too, if you would like to leave a comment!

Top 3 Favourite Authors of 2019.

  • Matt Haig

At the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019 I struggled so much with my mental health. I still have my bad days now, but I have come a very long way in this past year. During that time I came across Matt Haig’s book Reason’s to Stay Alive, and it made me look at my illness in a completely new light, I got help and started to get better. I then went on to read Notes on a Nervous Planet as well as some of his fictional work. Matt Haig, was a big part in saving my life. His books made me think, encouraged me to get help and I am thankful for that. But on top of that reason, he is an amazing writer. I fell in love with his fictional work, and this year he easily became one of my favourite authors.

  • C.J. Tudor

We all know, I love a creepy story. C.J. Tudor captured my attention first with The Taking of Annie Thorne, which I read not too long ago and reviewed on this site. I later read The Chalkman and I have not been disappointed with anything she has released. I now find myself for the first time in a long time, anxiously awaiting the release of a fiction novel, her next book which is due next year. I don’t often get like that over books. I love how she creates the tension in her books, they get me hooked every time!

  • J P Delaney

Again, with the thrillers. I read The Girl Before earlier this year and let me tell you, I was obsessed. So when I saw Believe Me on the shelf in Waterstones I had to buy it! Just had to, I read it in one sitting. I find J P Delaney’s writing so easy to read and I just love how he tells his stories. I can’t wait to read The Perfect Wife. A well deserved spot in my 2019 top 3! I’m actually obsessed with his work!

Top 3 Books That Impacted Me This Year

  • The Choice – Edith Eger

This book really impacted me. Not just because the things Edith went through during the Holocaust were awful even though scenes she depicted in the book of the things she witnessed and endured did really hurt my heart; but, of how she in later life took something so horrible and used it to help other people as well as heal herself. It made me really think about how I address my own struggles. Her is this lady who has seen unspeakable things and she is fighting years after to make something of herself, being positive and learning and healing. It really inspired me. The book is amazing, I would recommend giving it a read. It is powerful, we all need to listen.

  • Ballet Shoes – Noel Streatfield (Orion edition)

This is on my list purely for nostalgic reasons. Ballet Shoes was the first ever proper book I read. I haven’t read it for years, I lost the copy I had as a child and when I was shopping in Waterstones I came across the Orion edition. It is an absolutely stunning edition. I don’t think without this book I would have ever gotten into reading in the way that I did. It felt fitting to find this copy just as I was making big changes with my reading and writing such as building this site and starting my novel. It did get me a tad emotional when I found it.

  • The Librarian of Auschwitz – Antonio Iturbe

Again a book about something as horrible as the Holocaust will always hit you somewhere in the feels. It brings up so much emotion and sadness. I actually cried reading this. It is beautiful to know that books brought a bit of happiness and hope in such a horrible time. The story is amazing and sad and powerful. It really did get me. I don’t think I’ve cried at a lot of books, but this is one of the few that managed to get me.

Blog / Writing Goals for 2020

GOAL 1: in the whole year of 2020 I want to read at least 100 books. I never have set myself  a specific reading goal for a year so I think it will be interesting to try. My long term goal is to increase the amount of books that Im reading in a year, every year that goes by.

GOAL 2: post at least 4 reviews a month! I always struggle with reviews because I don’t want to post spoilers and then I worry that the review’s a little to generic without them and I get myself stressed so I am aiming to push myself to make myself more comfortable with writing them!

GOAL 3: Really grow my blogging and possibly make a career out of it. I always shy away from doing something that I really love in fear of it not being a stable career, but I’d love to really take my blogging as far as I possibly can.

GOAL 4: Write that novel. I want to finish my novel and possibly send it out to some publishers and chase the dream career that I have alway wanted! I want to start believing in myself.

2020 TBR – 3 Books I am Looking Forward to Reading 

  • Stephen King – Doctor Sleep
  • Heather Morris – Tattooist of Auschwitz
  • C.J. Tudor – The Other People

That is all I am going to include on my 2019 wrap up since I have done my December gift list post not too long ago too! I’d just like to say again how thankful I am again for how well this seems to be going, and I hope you all have a lovely New Years! Heres to another amazing year!

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