BookishBearx ‘s Top Favourite Poetry Picks.

Hello, my lovelies! I’m back with a different kind of post. I’ve not done anything other than review for a good couple of weeks on here now, and I fancied a change. If you follow my Instagram, @Bookishbearx you may have seen my most recent post. I have been rather quiet recently because I haven’t been in the best place mentally. I have over the years struggled with my mental health, this isn’t something new for me, but when I have a flair up I find it helpful to remove myself from social media for a while, as I struggle with positive opinions of myself and we all know the internet can make that a lot worse. So I have been quiet and more just reading for pleasure, so I’m down for review material but I have been looking through my collection of books a lot. Doing so helped me to come up with a little post series idea… My favourite picks for different things like genre, themes etc. The first one I’m doing, as you could probably guess from the title is… Poetry.

I have always been a massive lover of poetry. It always relaxes me so much and I genuinely believe it is good for your soul. There’s poetry for everyone, no matter who you are, you just have to find it. It always makes me laugh when people say I don’t like poetry it’s all about soppy love stories and nothing else. YOU CANNOT BE MORE WRONG! There’s funny poetry, romantic poetry, poetry about mental health, about nature, animals, whiskey. You just have to find one for you. But these are mine, Below I have listed in no particular order, my Top Favourite Picks of Poetry for you all to have a nosey of!

  1. Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur

It’s a popular one, and I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere. Instagram, Bookshops also stores like Urban Outfitters. Rupi Kaur, really took us all by storm with this one. It is everywhere and so well known but it truly is amazing. It highlights so much a lot of things women struggle with in life from abuse, to broken hearts and more. It does talk a lot about things that more inclusively happen to women of her own culture and ethnicity but there are also poems in there that inclusive to experiences of all women of all cultures and ethnicities. It is such a powerful, emotional book that is so diverse and inclusive and eye opening and so, so well written. I will always be a Rupi Kaur fan, from the bottom of my heart.

2. You Get So Alone Sometimes It Just Makes Sense – Charles Bukowski

I am a big Bukowski fan. His poems focus predominately on his experience with gambling, alcoholism and sex. Bukowski’s work isn’t romantic, his life that he describes isn’t the dream life or that perfectly picture perfect life you see in movies of a struggling writer. The life he describes sounds hard, messy and truly I believe most people would read them and think “I couldn’t live that life” but what I love about his work is that it is honest. Brutally so, he doesn’t sugarcoat anything or romanticise anything. It is just what it is. I love that about his work, it is rarely seen to have something so cut and dry and so honest. Big fan.

3. Wild Embers – Nikita Gill

I love Nikita Gill’s work mostly because of her writing style. The way she writes and what she creates is so eloquent and so pretty. They draw you in and everything sounds magical. Like Rupi Kaur her work is very pro-powerful woman. One of her poems is actually the one that stuck with me through my darkest time that I still love to this day. It is in this book on page 14, and is called “A Conversation With My Mental Illness” and it is so powerful. A truly great poet!

4. Alice Oswald – Falling Awake

Falling Awake is such a tiny little book. I remember reading it for the first time and being taken aback by the words. It was written like no other poetry I had ever read before. The poems included in this book are truly something special and I think Oswald was one of the big causes of me really getting into poetry as much as I have. She showed me a different side to poetry that I didn’t know yet existed.

4. The Dark Between Star – Atticus

I cannot do a list of poetry top picks and not include Atticus. Every book by him that I have read (and I’ve read them all) I have loved with every fibre in my being. He collates beautiful, optimistic and romantic poetry with stunning photography and it is just genius. I love the three books that he has released and I am eagerly awaiting more. Easily a poet anyone could love.

5. Wasteland, Prufrock, and Other poems – T.S. Elliot

I do love T.S. Elliott, but this books always stands out to me the most. To the point that I have part of the Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock tattooed on my ribs. You can never go wrong with the classics. Timeless poet and his work will never fade with time.

6. Whiskey, Words and a Shovel – r.h. Sin

I read this book by r.h. Sin and then ran out and bought lots more. The poetry he creates is so heart breaking and honest. I loved this book, because it so accurately explains what we all go through during a serious breakup and then what we feel trying to move on and date new people. It is so difficult to live with a broken heart and not let it affect your future relationships. The honesty that r.h. Sin writes with is refreshing and beautiful.

7. Pillow Thoughts – Courtney Peppernell

I love all three of the books in this series. Peppernell’s poetry especially in these books almost feel like a diary. They feel so raw and so personal. I love that about them. The fist book blew up over night and rightly so. I love how authentic the poems in these books read. They don’t come across as like they’re trying to be pretty and relatable they just are. it is almost like they feel unedited, like a raw thought just written down immediately and it just works.

8. The Princess Saves Herself In This One – Amanda Lovelace

I have a soft spot for Amanda Lovelace, I love the fairytale references in her work and how they are focus on overcoming and healing. They are such beautiful books and I can remember just reading this book like there was no tomorrow, I couldn’t put it down. I have no more to say other than stunning.

9. Light Filters in – Caroline Kaufman

Kaufman’s work is so uplifting. The book is like a little book of light, you read it and you feel brighter instantly. Her way of writing is so musical and lyrical. It is stunning. Every poem is packed with emotion and power. It truly is a special book and it needs to shouted about from every rooftop. I love it and it is one of my favourite works of poetry.

10. The Poetry Pharmacy – William Sieghart

Ironically, after my saying that Poetry is good for your soul, this book exists and it is amazing. I love it and its premise. That a poem can be prescribed for different needs. It is a revolutionary creation in the world of poetry and it is a fun and beautiful read. I adore it. I feel like everyone needs it on their shelf, in their medicine cabinet and first aid kit… it is a necessity.


That is all I have. There are millions of other poetry books which are amazing, but these are my favourite go to’s. I alway encourage people to try poetry, there really is poems out there for everyone. You just need to find the ones for you!

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