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Lock down catch up’s


Hi my lovelies! I will have another review for you in a couple of days and some exciting news also, but until then I thought I would do a little check in post. Just wanting to let you know that I am still here. I’ve been furloughed from my job for the foreseeable due to the Covid-19 outbreak so I’ve had a lot of time to myself. But I didn’t want to be spending it just sat in bed wishing the days away doing nothing, so I’ve been working hard to keep myself busy.

I’ve been reading a lot, which I guess is to be expected. I am sure you would be worried if I had not been, a few of the books that have been keeping me busy is The Hobbit (one of my all time favourite series), Requiem, Changing Times, The Doll Factory and The Witcher. I also delved into a book called The Anxiety Solution by Chloe Brotheridge as being stuck inside and losing my routine has really had my struggling mentally. I’ve got to say it’s a very helpful book. It really put a lot into perspective for me and has helped me find a few tips on structuring my day to make me more productive and to settle my mind a little.

I’ve also been using my time to create. I have always wanted to write my own book. I spend so much of my time reading and reviewing other peoples creations and I’ve always wanted to bring to life some of my own ideas. So my aim is to try and write at least a couple of chapters a week. The piece I’m working on is called Dear Somebody and it’s a bit of a thriller. I’ve really been enjoying having the dedicated time in the day to write, usually it is a snatched half an hour here and there after tea. Working full time and seeing family and friends never usually leaves much time for anything else.

Me and my other half have been spending some time doing some DIY as well in the house and in the garden. We’ve been painting and building things and that has been fun and a little different for us. I can’t say I will be taking up a side job as a painter decorator or a landscaper any time soon but it has been a fun experience and the house is looking really well for it. When we’ve not been building in real life, I will admit I have been playing Animal Crossing, New horizons. I ordered a Nintendo Switch after like 2 weeks of isolation because I was so bored. I do not regret it for a second. It’s such a nostalgic and fun game for me, I used to love playing it as a teen on the Nintendo DS, the first one. You know it the big chunky pink one. And if you don’t then, you’re making me feel old.

But all in all, I have enjoyed trying to make the best of a bad situation. It has really been a shock to the system for me. I have worked since I left school, like literally the week after my Year 11 prom I had a job so I have felt a little like a loose end. And I really rely on a routine for the benefit of my mental health and my anxiety but I have finally got myself into a nice productive place. I am enjoying most of my days again, even if I am still struggling mentally. I can at least tell myself that I am doing good things. There is something else that I have been working on during lock down of which I cannot yet tell you the details yet, but I will say just keep an eye on my site and socials over the next few weeks. I will update you all as soon as I possibly can!

And before I go, please if you’re struggling and want to chat or you’d like some book suggestions to get you through this troublesome time please just drop me a message. I have a contact form on my site, please feel free to use it or on my socials (twitter or insta)  @Bookishbearx and I would love to chat to you. Stay home and Stay safe and hopefully we will all be back to normal very, very soon. Much love, thank you for your continued support! x

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