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Death by Curiosity – Lisa Matthews – A Review!

Hello again, lovelies. I hope you’re all doing well. I know things still aren’t the best, with Covid still a big thing. But we’re slowly getting through. It’s been difficult for us all, I’ve been coping by keeping myself really busy. And thankfully, I’ve had a fair few review requests sent through, by many lovely authors. Today’s book, is one of them. Lisa Matthews approached me initially on Instagram to ask me to read her book Death by Curiosity, and that is exactly what I’ve been doing for the past couple of days! So, without delay, let’s talk about the book!

Death by Curiosity is a crime mystery novel. It was published in February of this year. It encompasses a few topics throughout the novel and is described as light-hearted. Before I tell you anymore, I’ll let you read the synopsis from the book’s Goodreads page:

Everyone knows that witches aren’t real.
And yet when the sleepy village of Habely is rocked by a series of bizarre murders and James Pettyfer is arrested after being caught whilst disposing of the bodies, he claims that he was made to do it by Elodia Knight – a lady who’s capable of magic and can get into other people’s souls.

While everyone else is sceptical of the claims, local Police Typist Armitage Black is nothing but intrigued about what’s going on. Ignoring the warnings of her best friend, Angie Fallows, and the reprimands from Detectives investigating the case, Armitage delves into her own enquiries about what Knight is up to and why she’s doing it – but the more she finds out, the more questions she has.

Armitage is determined to get to the bottom of Knight’s plan and work out how she’s making herself appear to be a witch – but Knight won’t let anything stop her from achieving what she set out to do. As Armitage becomes more and more involved in the case, she finds herself becoming a target of Knight – and becomes embroiled in a battle of wits and determination that has the highest of stakes to everyone involved.

Throughout the book, we follow Tidge and Angie as they get involved in one of the most high profile cases their little town has ever seen. Tidge is nosy, the whole case grabs her attention when she is assigned the first interview to type up. That interview is like no other Tidge has ever seen. Much to Johnny and Ade’s dismay, they not only have to work the case but try and keep the girls away from all the trouble. Which is easier said than done. Tidge manages to get herself in trouble time and time again, but will she ever have her questions answered? Will they ever get to the bottom of the case of Elodia Knight?

I liked this book. I think it was a fun, light-hearted read that had an interesting storyline. However, there were a few things that niggled me. But first let’s start with the good. I think the amount of thought that had gone into a lot of aspects of this book is amazing. Like the complexity of Elodia’s deceptions for example. Matthews really went into so much detail about how she pulled off a lot of the things that she did. Also, you can tell she has really thought about processes and different job roles within the police and that she’s done her research. Which I have to give her a lot of credit for!

The first thing that niggled at me, was while reading the book I noticed a few grammatical and spelling errors. Only little things like misuse of words such as really instead of real. But as there were a few throughout the entirety of the book it really distracted from the story. Only because I found it interrupted the flow of the story and the flow of my reading. So I feel like another quick check through for errors would really improve the reading experience of this book! The author is currently having the book go through checks with a proofreader, so I’m sure this won’t be a issue!

The second thing was the main character Tidge. I felt the whole premise of her only being involved in a murder investigation was because she was nosy wasn’t right. It made her really hard to like, especially early on in the book. The fact that she never came out and said it was because she wanted to help but because she wanted to know how the woman was doing it, made her come across as quite insensitive. I think it would have sat better with me if she was involved because she was personally linked to someone who was murdered or missing, or even if she was a police officer. I think as a character she would have then been a lot more likeable.

But all in all, I did enjoy the book. I would definitely recommend reading it. Especially if you’re looking for a light-hearted read and you love mystery or crime books. I loved the thought and details that was put into the book and how light-hearted and funny the relationship between characters could be.

Star Rating /5


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