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Ask the Author! With Jamie Harding – aka Lj Denholm

Hello my lovelies! I’m back with another ask the author post. You may have seen my review that I posted only a handful of days ago. Well today I’m posting my interview with the author of that very book with you guys. So read on to find out more about LJ Denholm, his new book Under Rand Farm and how he gets his ideas down on paper. You can find out more via his Goodreads page and you can purchase Under Rand Farm on Amazon Kindle!

1. What made you start out as a writer?
I always liked the idea of all the crazy ideas in my mind being relocated to paper; to have poured out an entire idea that meant something to me, and hopefully other people. 


2. How did you come to be a horror/thriller writer? 
I like a lot of horror and thriller stuff, but I became bored by the amount of identikit wife/husband/couple/family that live upstairs/next door books promising jaw-dropping twists and being written to similar templates. I thought some fresh ideas were needed, ones that reflected the stuff I liked most as a reader – Red Dragon,the Ripley books, The Killer Inside Me…


3. Which project of yours has been your favourite to work on and why? 
Probably the first novel I wroteThe Shadow Authorwhich was about a fictional author – LJ Denholm!- being stalked by a shadowy author. It was invigorating to create something without any great deal of planning. On completion of my eager first draft, it wasduly annoying to edit something that had clearly been written with such little planning.


4. Your PR manager, Henry, mentioned that this situation – doing a Q&A – is funny, how so? 
Probably because I have mainly written comedy stuff before Under Rand Farm, so Henry thinks I am bound to come up with some zany zingers


…Sorry, Henry. I am zing-less tonight. 


5. How did you come up with the idea for Under Rand Farm? 
Originally it was a short story called Pythonidae, Sub Terra, contained within The Shadow Author. Although it had a different name, it was still very much based on those dilapidated farms you sometimes see out in the sticks- in Yorkshire or whichever region or country you’re in. The troughs filled with rancid water. The endless barren acres that the farmers toil in, often alone. The financial pressure, the cycles of life and death.  I read a very sad article on suicide among US farmers that furthered my interest in writing about horror on a farm, and the lack of support there is for those in the industry with mental health problems. Financial pressure, lack of support and untreated mental health problems do not make for a happy and functioning farm or farmer. And while Under Rand Farm is purely far-fetched entertainment ,my own experiences with mental illness – I have borderline personality disorder -have given me a small insight into atypical, at times irrational thought processes. And writing about stuff is way better than internalising it ad infinetum. 


6. Do you find writing psychological thrillers much different to what you have written in the past? If so why? 
I’ve only really written satire and topical comedy stuff before, so the whole shebang was different, especially thematically. But in all writing you need to reconsider every line you write, again and again, and probably rewrite it, without losing its spontinaeity. 



7. What’s next for you? 
I want to finish off The Shadow Author so it’s available this year. I’m very pleased with the ideation behind it. It really does have a jaw-dropping twist… but I’ll try not to overegg that fact when it comes to promotion.



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