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What’s My Job – Johnny Oddsocks – Children’s Book Review

Hello lovelies! Today I’ve got a children’s book recommendation for you. If you have followed my blog for a little while you will have seen that I have shared other books by author Johnny Oddsocks in the past. Well, he’s releasing another book from his “What’s my?” picture book series. The first being “What’s My Instrument?” where we follow Marilyn the Mongoose in finding out what instrument she should play. In the second book What’s My Job?, we follow Marmaduke the Mole in finding a job that he loves, so he can save money to buy a big house for his family.

I think these books are lovely for young children. They’re colourfully illustrated and the pictures of packed full of detail that will help capture children’s attention. Johnny Oddsocks’ way of writing in rhymes will be sure to make a fun read for the children too. I know some of my favourite books as a child were written in a rhythmic/rhyme style and they still stick with me today.

I also love the idea of this series, to help teach children that it’s ok to take time to try different things before they find their niche. That not everyone has to be the same and do the same things. I think it’s good to teach them that everyone has different strengths and talents and different tastes and that, that is okay.

If you are interested in giving this book a nosy for either yourself or your kids pop over to amazon! I would definitely recommend the book it seems like a fun short read for younger children packed full of colour and lovely messages.

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